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Student Account Inquiries

All Questions Regarding Student Tuition, Fees, Payments, Refunds, etc should be directed to the Cashier's Office at 828.251.6664, you may find more information on the Cashier Web Pages.

UNC Asheville has online options for ACH and Credit Card payments. You log into our ePayment function through your OnePort account to make either an ACH or credit card payment. 

Currently, UNC Asheville accepts Mastercard, Discover Card, and American Express for credit card payments.  We do not accept VISA credit cards.  We apologize for this inconvenience but rules set up by VISA prevent us from accepting their card for credit card payments.

In addition, in ePayment you can set up an authorized user who will be able to make ACH and credit card payments on your account without having to go through your OnePort account. You and any authorized user will be able to view and sort your student account activity for your more recent semesters. You will be able to see financial aid that has posted to your account or financial aid that is pending but has not yet posted. This functionality will help you and any authorized users monitor your account to make timely payments, confirm that expected aid or scholarships have been received and view your current account balance.

To get to the ePayment function log into your OnePort account and click on the Student tab.  Once in the Student page click on the ePayment link under the Quick Links on the left side of the page.

Take a little time to explore ePayment. We think you will find ePayment to be user friendly for making ACH and credit card payments as well as a useful tool for viewing activity on your student account.

Last edited by on September 10, 2013