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Professional Services Compensation

Student Account Inquiries

All Questions Regarding Student Tuition, Fees, Payments, Refunds, etc should be directed to the Cashier's Office at 828.251.6664, you may find more information on the Cashier Web Pages.


To pay an Honorarium, complete the ‘Request to Authorize Honorarium’ form on the forms page. Do not use this form to pay an employee of UNC Asheville or any other state agency or students. Refer to UNC Asheville guidelines regarding payment of honoraria, awards, or independent contracts for further information.

Consulting Services

True consulting services must be done through Purchasing since approval by Raleigh is required. These services do not include a consulting service giving a speech, leading or conducting a discussion or retreat. Purchasing may be contacted regarding criteria rules.

Independent Contractors

  1. Instructions For Hiring An Independent ContractorThe Independent Contractor Checklist can be found on the UNC Asheville Finance website under the Forms tab.
  2. The checklist needs to be completed and approved PRIOR to the completion of other forms and PRIOR to services being provided.
  3. Complete and submit the checklist to the accountant responsible for processing independent contractor:  Stephanie Lewis
    Phillips Hall, Room 111 (CPO 1422)
  4. The accountant will review the completed checklist, conferring with Human Resources as needed, to determine if the individual meets the independent contractor criteria.
  5. Once the independent contractor status has been established, the accountant will email the Independent Contractor Agreement along with a W-9 form to the department for completion. The use of the standard UNC Asheville Independent Contractor Agreement, which has been approved by our legal counsel, is preferred. If the decision is made to use the vendor's agreement, it must be approved by our University General Counsel:
    Lucien "Skip" Capone
    Phillips Hall, Room 251 (CPO 1400)
  6. Submit the completed contract and W-9 to Stephanie Lewis. Once the work is completed, the check request should also be submitted to Stephanie

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