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Travel Rates and Codes

Student Account Inquiries

All Questions Regarding Student Tuition, Fees, Payments, Refunds, etc should be directed to the Cashier's Office at 828.251.6664, you may find more information on the Cashier Web Pages.

Travel Reimbursement

Per Diem Rates:

  • Airfare: Must have original airline passenger receipt ticket (no photocopies can be accepted).
  • Lodging: Must have original receipts showing payment with a zero balance.  Actual amount up to per diem rate listed above will be reimbursed.  Any amount above the per diem must be pre-approved by the appropriate supervisor.


Allowances cannot be paid to employees for lunches if travel does not involve an overnight stay; however, employees can be eligible for allowances for the breakfast and evening meals when the mentioned guidelines are met.

Instructions for Travel Reimbursement

Travel Reimbursement and Travel Authorization forms are available on the forms page.  If you travel for more than two days, a continuation sheet must be used for the extra days of travel. Authorization for Travel must be submitted, with appropriate signatures, to qualify for reimbursement of an overnight trip.  All forms need to be submitted within thirty days of travel.  It is important to complete all sections of the form, including name, address, dates and times of travel, the purpose for the trip, and most importantly all appropriate signatures.   The proper budget fund number and account code should be included for each category of travel. 

Read the official UNC Asheville Policy on Travel, Transportation, Per Diem - Regulations and Rates

Travel Account Codes

Travel Account Codes
In StateOut of StateOut of CountryNon-Employees
731110 Trans/Air 731210 Trans/Air 731310 Trans/Air 731410 Trans/All
731120 Trans/Ground 731220 Trans/Ground 731320 Trans/Ground  
731130 Trans/Other 731230 Trans/Other 731330 Trans/Other  
731140 Lodging 731240 Lodging 731340 Lodging  
731150 Meals 731250 Meals 731350 Meals 731440 Meals & Lodging
731160 Other 731260 Other 731360 Other  
731190 Registration 731290 Registration 731390 Registration 731490 Training

Travel and Capital Improvements

The Travel and Capital Improvements office reports to the Controller and is responsible for both travel reimbursements and travel advances. The Travel Officer verifies that the forms are completed correctly and that all the documentation is present and valid to justify the reimbursement. She also tracks the travel advances that are received prior to travel. The Travel Officer is also responsible for capital improvement accounting and ensures that vendors receive payment after the appropriate university official has approved their invoices.

Advance Payment for Registration Fees, Hotels and Travel Agencies

Hotel, Travel Agency and conference registration payments may be paid to the vendor direct when the invoice or on-line form is submitted along with a copy of the Travel Authorization form and attached to an approved, completed check request. Direct pay eliminates the necessity of using personal funds. Individuals using personal funds to make an advance payment will not be reimbursed until completion of the trip or conference. This is a departmental budget control issue since the possibility exists that an individual might have to cancel a conference and receive reimbursement or credit from the agency after having already received a reimbursement check from the university.

Faculty and Staff Travel Rates

MealIn StateOut of State
Breakfast $8.20 $8.20 must depart prior to 6 a.m.
Lunch $10.70 $10.70 must depart prior to noon, return after 2 p.m.
Dinner $18.40 $20.90 must depart prior to 5 p.m., return after 8 p.m.
Daily total $37.30 $39.80
Lodging $65.90 $77.90


56 cents per mile IF no state car available, 30 cents if you choose not to use a state vehicle and one is available.  Read more travel information

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