Interdepartmental Billings

Graphic charges, Central Stores and Shipping charges, Postage charges and Facilities Management Work Order charges are submitted by the university department providing the goods and/or services and are processed via automated Journal Entry or Wire Transfer. Do not send your copy of the work order/charge to Accounts Payable.

Non-purchase order charges and other interdepartmental billings are to be submitted to Accounts Payable. These can be attached to a check request. The request to the department should include the name of the campus department requesting payment, the signature of the person responsible and the date of the request, a short description of the goods/services, and the fund and account number to be credited for receipt of the funds.

When the department receives the invoice, the person responsible should sign approval to pay, date and assign the disbursing fund and account number and forward to Accounts Payable. These are processed within the month received.

The white copies of Campus Bookstore invoices are sent to Accounts Payable from the Bookstore and are the originals from which payment is made, since account numbers and signatures are on them. Do not send your yellow copy to Accounts Payable.