Paying Vendors

Purchase Order Invoice Payment

Purchase Order invoices are normally mailed to Accounts Payable. The receiving email account was established in order to obtain faster approval information and process payment to the vendor more promptly. The responsible individual in the department will receive an email notification of the invoice received; the purchase order number will be referenced. Simply reply to the email with your message to pay or not to pay. Do not submit payment approval unless the goods/services have been received and checked. Check requests are not required for purchase order invoices.

Tax-Exempt Status

The university became tax exempt July 1, 2004. Tax amounts charged by a vendor will be deducted from the invoice. New vendors will receive our tax exempt notification. Individuals who make purchases will receive reimbursement of tax paid.

Check Requests

Checks for the payment of goods and services are normally prepared within five (5) working days after receipt of properly submitted documents. Depending on the workload and volume, this time may be extended. If extenuating circumstances require that a request for payment be given priority in processing, please bring this to the attention of the appropriate accounts payable technician and the document will be given immediate attention. Negligence or delays from lack of planning do not constitute an emergency and the request will be processed through normal procedure.

For information on purchase orders you may either contact Accounts Payable for information on payments or contact the Purchasing Office for information on purchase orders and how they work. You may also refer to Purchasing Policy for purchasing guidelines. Purchase orders must be issued for goods and services exceeding $1000.00 (excluding tax and shipping). Registration fees, dues, memberships, catering, food, drinks, and travel may be paid from a check request regardless of the amount. Travel includes bus trips, airlines, auto rentals, hotels, gasoline and mileage reimbursement. Maintenance and lease agreements require a purchase order regardless of the amount. This is to have agreements on file for internal control purposes. State contract items require a purchase order regardless of the amount.

Please Note: Separate check requests are required when a payment is to be divided between funds since the monies are disbursed from different memo banks (State 1 or 2xxxxx, Agency 8-80xxx, Trust 3-3xxxx or 5-5xxxx, and Foundation 9-94, 9-95 or 9-96xxx funds should be separated).

Check requests which are not completed with the appropriate signatures and documentation will be returned to the department. Please assign the departmental fund and account from which payment is to be made.

Check Printing

The check printing cycle for the university is twice weekly, Monday and Thursday mornings, the exception being the final check write of the month which is done on the last working day. Checks are mailed within two working days, state fund checks according to approval of fund availability. Auditors prefer all checks be mailed from the office, however, if a situation necessitates that a check be picked up in Accounts Payable, it will be available after 2 p.m. the day following the check write. Check write dates are posted on a calendar located by the Action File outside the department.

Merchandise Ordered Online

Auditors require that the following documentation be attached to an approved check request:

  1. Proof of payment (such as the on-line order confirmation) indicating amount charged to the credit card.
  2. Proof of receipt of merchandise (such as a packing list). If no packing slip is received, a signature is required to confirm merchandise has been received.