Contracts & Grants Policies and Procedures

More often than not, the hardest part of contract and grant management is attempting to keep up with the policies and governing regulations. Compiled to assist faculty and staff, this site compiles the most relevant policies and procedures governing the fiscal management of grants. As some of this information changes very quickly, it is important to contact the Special Funds Accountant for the latest guidance.

University Policies

Federal Regulations 

  1. Department of Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement 
  2. Department of Energy Acquisition Regulation Supplement 
  3. Federal Acquisition Regulation
  4. NASA Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement 
  5. OMB Circular A-21 
  6. OMB Circular A-110
  7. Federal Funding Accountabilty & Transparency Act
  8. OMB Uniform Administrative Requirements & Training

Answers to other questions may be found at the Office of Sponsored Scholarship and Programs (OSSP).

For more information please see the Contracts & Grants section of the Finance Forms page.