Award Account Set-Up

It is important to note that before anything can occur, the university administration must accept your award. This is increasingly an issue for cost share projects as the State of North Carolina have restricted agencies from making state-supported cost-share commitments. Upon approval by the university, you should provide a copy of the award packet to the Special Funds Accountant. This packet should include a copy of the approved budget, budget justification, and any other related documentation.

The Special Funds Accountant will review the documents and may request clarification from you concerning cost share commitments, contracting, supplemental funding, and the list could goes on. These additional forms include the following:

UNC Asheville Award Set-up Form

The Award Set-up Form is the vehicle used to establish your grant account. This is accomplished by the Contracts and Grants Accountant.

UNC Asheville Internal Prior Approval Request (IPAR)

Unlike the Award Set-up Form, you will have greater familiarity with the IPAR. This document will be the vehicle you use to request changes to your account, time and effort, pre-award spending, and other fiscal matters related to your award.

After sending this information to the Post-Award Administrator, you will need to review the “New Award Briefing” available on the home page of Contracts & Grants.

For more information, please see the Contracts & Grants section of the Finance Forms page.