About the Controller's Office

The Controller’s Office advances the mission of the Division of Administration and Finance providing financial service support in the conduct of the university’s daily business. The Office is an agent for financial reporting, planning and decision support in promoting institutional effectiveness and exceptional stewardship, to help attain long-term economic sustainability.

The Controller’s Office’s areas of responsibility include: General Accounting, Financial Reporting, Travel, Fixed Assets, Independent Contractors/Honorariums, Capital Improvements Budgeting, Accounting Systems Maintenance/Training, and Accounting and Reporting for the UNC Asheville Foundation, Inc.

You may see our most recent audited financial statement here.

Fixed Assets

The Accountant responsible for recording and tracking fixed assests reports to the Accounting Manager. All assets with a value of $5,000 are recorded and tracked. If departments wish to track other assets, the Accountant will provide asset tags for their use.

Review the university policy on fixed assets. Please use the Equipment Transfer Form to report asset changes, this may be found on the forms page.

Foundation Accounting

The Foundation Accountant deals with funds held in trust by the University Foundation. All Foundation financial related items come through this office for review and approval before they are sent to other offices in the Financial Affairs office for processing. This office also handles contact with the investment advisor, investment firm, and external auditors. All financial reports for the UNC Asheville Foundation, Inc., are generated from this office.