Travel Processes & Rates

All travel related to university business should be processed using the Chrome River software platform. If you do not have access to Chrome River, please contact the Travel Accounting Technician at 828.251.6243 for further instructions.

Click on a link below for a detailed description on policy and/or process.

What to do when you know you’re going to be traveling

1. Create and submit a pre-approval in Chrome River making sure to include all possible estimated expenses. Be sure to include backup providing proof of the necessary travel, which would include (but is not limited to) an overview of the conference from the conference website; overview of the training; or invitation that you received to present a paper; etc.

2. Traveling without a pre-approval is against state policy unless you are traveling within 70 miles roundtrip.

Per Diem Rates (meals and lodging)

NOTE: Per diem meals are only allowed during overnight stay.

DescriptionIn StateOut-of-State/
Breakfast (overnight travel only – must depart prior to 6am)$9.00$9.00
Lunch (overnight travel only – must depart prior to noon)$11.80$11.80
Dinner (overnight travel only – must depart prior to 5pm)$20.50$23.30


Ground Transportation (rentals, mileage, and state vehicles)

As per OSBM policies 5.1.26 and 5.1.27 “it is the intent of the State that state employee travel shall be conducted in the most efficient manner and at the lowest most reasonable cost to the state. With regard to passenger vehicle travel, whether in or out of state, agency travel policies shall:

  • Maximize utilization of state-owned vehicles (motor pool)
  • Make use of state term contracts for short-term rentals (State Term Contract 975B Vehicle Rental Services), and
  • Reimburse for use of personal vehicles on a limited bases”

UNCA employees should consider the lowest cost option for their ground transportation when making their travel plans.

  • Rental vehicles must be obtained through the state’s term contract utilizing one of the options below (click on the link in order to be taken to the appropriate site):
    • Enterprise Rental – Online reservations can be obtained through the Enterprise Rental Website. This portal can be located under the travel section in OnePort. You must have access to Chrome River in order to obtain the billing account number which is located on the Chrome River home page.
    • Hertz Rental – Online reservations can be obtained through the Hertz Rental Website.
    • National Car Rental – Reservations can be obtained by contacting 1-800-CAR-RENT.
  • Agency owned vehicles (motor pool) can be secured through the campus Motor Pool at ext. 7693.
  • Mileage will only be reimbursed when driving your personal vehicle. The standard rates set by the Internal Revenue Service (effective at UNC Asheville as of April 1, 2021) are $0.56 per mile, regardless of distance. This rate also applies for mileage to pick up rental cars.

Advance payment directly to the vendor

UNCA can pay a vendor directly in advance for your travel as long as the vendor will accept a university check. This eliminates the use of the travelers’ personal funds and waiting until after the travel has ended to be reimbursed. To pay a vendor directly, have the vendor send you an invoice or a detailed quote and process through Chrome River as a direct payment to vendor, selecting the vendor from the drop-down box once you are at the vendor selection and supply the vendor invoice number if applicable. The types of vendors that can be paid directly are hotels, travel agencies, conference registrations and at times airlines. You must include a copy of the invoice or detailed quote to the report. If the vendor does not show up in the drop-down box, forward the vendor name, address and phone number to the travel office and wait for confirmation that the vendor has been added before you proceed.

Travel purchasing card “T-Card” (requirements and manual)

UNCA offers a travel purchasing card (T-card) for permanent faculty/staff that travel overnight 4 or more times per year. If the supervisor is in agreement with the faculty/staff member receiving a card, the form can be completed and sent to Catherine Mallon, Travel Accounting Technician, at CPO 1422.

Instructions for travel reimbursement

Both pre-approvals and expense reports must be generated using the automated expense software platform Chrome River. If you do not have access to Chrome River, please contact the Travel Accountant at 828.251.6243. In order to qualify for reimbursement of expenses, a pre-approval request must be submitted and approved prior to creating an expense report.

All expense reports must be submitted within thirty calendar (30) days from the return date of the travel event.

All expenses (other than per diem meals) must be supported by a detailed receipt in order to be considered for reimbursement and must show a $0 balance (this include hotel receipts).

Chrome River Training

Future training sessions TBD for faculty and staff. Contact Catherine Mallon at with questions.